ESG analysts

Técnicas Reunidas is evaluated by international Sustainability analysts

At Técnicas Reunidas we are committed to Sustainability and this is reflected in our corporate strategies and projects, which generate a positive impact on society and the environment. Our performance in this area is evaluated by agencies and analysts who rate our growth and impact in the areas of environment, social and governance. 

This collaboration helps us to improve and make TR investors and clients aware of our work  and growth, whom, in turn, we support in executing their own corporate Sustainability strategies.

ESG Analysts

The main purpose of CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is to evaluate the actions taken to avoid climate change by the world’s leading companies (21,000 participating companies in 2023). CDP measures risk and best practices associated with environmental leadership, as well as the determination to achieve ambitious objectives.

CDP positions TR as a leader in the fight against climate change

S&P is a leading global sustainability analyst who monitors more than 13,000 companies. This analyst evaluates the results of the world’s leading companies in economic, environmental and social terms to provide a 360º view of the risk, opportunity management and impact of these companies.

S&P includes TR in its prestigious Sustainability ranking

The MSCI World Index is a selective index that brings together more than 1,600 companies from the 24 most developed economies in the world, of which 28 are Spanish. This index serves as a reference for analyzing the evolution of international markets and supports investment decisions.

MSCI supports investment decisions in energy transition at Técnicas Reunidas

Sustainalytics is a company that rates the Sustainability of listed companies based on their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance. It is also the world’s leading source of credit ratings, indices and risk assessments.

Sustainalytics is one of the benchmark indices used by investors to identify and understand the ESG and financial risks of companies.

Sustainalytics rates Técnicas Reunidas´ ESG risk management positively

Moody’s analyzes the public information of companies (SMEs, state-owned companies, large cap companies, etc.) from a dual perspective of materiality. Its rating provides 3 key facts about these companies: (i) a vision of the ESG risks exposure and management (including controversies and trends); (ii) the impact of their operations and products on the environment and society; and (iii) the future capacity to create sustainable value.

Moody’s trusts in the management that Técnicas Reunidas carries out with its stakeholders.

The Financial Times Stock Exchange index, better known as the FTSE 100, assesses the quality of corporate sustainability.

For the first time, FTSE includes Técnicas Reunidas in its prestigious FTSE 100 index

EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, business intelligence and global supply chain tools. It evaluates Sustainability management in this area and recommends actions for supply chain development.

EcoVadis highlights the performance of Técnicas Reunidas in Sustainable Purchasing

EthiFinance is a leading French rating agency in the field of sustainability, it has an independent credit rating and it is a private equity firm. This agency is registered and regulated by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The objective of EthiFinance Ratings is to provide transparency to debt markets.

Técnicas Reunidas strengthens analysts’ confidence

ESG recognition

SBTi is the result of a collaboration between the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). SBTi was established in 2015 to help companies set scientifically feasible emission reduction targets in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and is the global reference entity for validation of these reduction targets.

SBTI validates Técnicas Reunidas´ emission reduction targets

The “Calculo” seal is awarded to all companies that calculate their carbon footprint and append a carbon mitigation plan to this calculation. With this recognition, that required to complete an analysis of our emissions using the GHG Protocol methodology, TR reaffirms its environmental commitment, which is embodied in multiple actions. 

MITECO recognizes TR’s work in calculating its carbon footprint

 The Forward Faster initiative of the Global Compact recognizes Técnicas Reunidas for its work in climate action, taking the necessary climate measures to help prepare the Company for a sustainable future.

Global Compact recognizes TR as a reference entity in the decarbonization of the economy

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