TR- Tecnical

The Heat Transfer discipline is of critical importance in the performance of the majority of process plants. From the very beginning of its activity, TR has created a dedicated specialized heat transfer division, named TR-Tecnical.

The energy world is changing and TR-Tecnical remains in step with those changes through our long commitment to R&D programs, embracing  Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Goals

Our Heat Transfer strategy focused on:

1. One group,
all the technologies

We act as single reference partner for the Heat Transfer equipment design, covering full range of applications for:

  • Process Units (Heaters and furnaces, H2 Units, SRU Units)
  • Environmental technologies (Incineration, Flares, Oxidizers)
  • Energy production and recovery (Boilers, WHRS, heat exchangers).

2. Consolidated design

Engineering Know-how together with  technology development and application in Heat transfer is the core of our business. Solutions are provided at any scale, from engineering studies to turn-key solutions, and designed with the depth of experience gained with more than 7000 installed units.

3. Energy transition
and sustainable economy

Our commitment to sustain the energy transition is focused on:

  • Green and blue H2 production, with consolidated design or challenging new technologies.
  • CO2 Capture and Segregation
  • Circular economy, with large involvement in R&D projects and different scale pilot plants

Thanks to the large experience our R&D team support clients in products efficiency and sustainability enhancement.

We work together, with our Clients and partners to produce the designs and innovative solutions for today and develop the solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Providing Industry with the most advanced, efficient and environmentally conscious technologies. Dedicated advocates for the importance of circular economy we strive to improve existing processes to reduce emissions beyond current technological limitations. As a Team we push the boundaries of imagination with our firm grasp and application of Design Thinking throughout our R&D programs, aimed at the development of clean and ultra-efficient hydrogen production and recycling technologies.

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