Talara Refinery Project

Talara, Peru


Year contract



$2700 Millions

A large investment to produce the cleanest fuels


The reduction in sulphur will be from 1800 to 50 parts per million, with the subsequent positive impact in local health.

With the modernization and conversion to LSTK of the Talara refinery, one of the largest investments of its kind in Latin America, high quality diesel and gasoline fuels will be produced in accordance to the new Peruvian environmental requirements. This OBE contract was awarded in 1Q 10 and will improve the operational flexibility of the facility while reducing the climate impact.

The contract scope includes the expansion and modification of existing units (distillation, catalytic cracking and vacuum distillation), the construction of new units (diesel hydrotreating, cracked naphtha hydrotreating, flexicoker, naphtha hydrotreating, naphtha catalytic reforming, amine and cogeneration) and the expansion and upgrade of the utilities and offsites facilities.

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