April 7, 2024

Promoting Sustainability: Comprehensive Employee Health at Técnicas Reunidas

On April 7th, World Health Day was celebrated, and in 2024, its theme was “My health, my right,” reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability. We join this initiative as part of our contribution to creating healthy and sustainable communities, as indicated in Sustainable Development Goal 11.

The focus on employee health and well-being relates to SDG 3: Health and Well-being, aiming to ensure a healthy life. At Técnicas Reunidas, physical activity is integrated into the workplace through a wide range of free weekly classes such as pilates, yoga, or mindfulness workshops. Additionally, access to medical and physiotherapy services contributes to this goal.

These initiatives reflect SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth through efforts to improve employee working conditions and promote an active lifestyle that benefits both individuals and the collective. Several of these initiatives are developed in collaboration with external companies like Gympass, which allows employees to access various sports facilities.

Similarly, TR makes significant efforts in occupational health and safety both in offices and on-site, implementing multiple actions to ensure safe and healthy offices and guarantee the well-being of all its employees in projects worldwide.

In summary, Técnicas Reunidas’ actions regarding health and well-being not only benefit its employees but also contribute to achieving various Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and the holistic well-being of society.

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