April 5, 2024

Técnicas Reunidas obtains the highest rating in climate change at CDP

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) recognizes Técnicas Reunidas for its approach and work to avoid climate change. 

Técnicas Reunidas’ commitment to the environment is evident in each of its steps. After its objectives of reducing emissions have been validated by SBTi, the engineering company improves now its position in CDP in its climate change questionnaire by obtaining the “A”-rating, the highest awarded by this entity, which has recognized TR as a world leader in this field.

CDP is a global non-profit organization that operates the world’s largest environmental disclosure system. It allows companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts, through an explicit assessment process differentiated according to four criteria:


  • Transparency: Técnicas Reunidas has provided complete and detailed information on its greenhouse gas emissions, strategies to address climate change, water use, waste management and other relevant environmental aspects.
  • Action: Técnicas Reunidas has displayed concrete actions to reduce its environmental impact, implementing measures to mitigate climate change, establishing clear and measurable sustainability objectives, and reporting on the progress made towards these objectives.
  • Risk management: Técnicas Reunidas has identified and managed environmental and climate risks that may affect its operations and supply chain, as well as providing information on how it is addressing these risks.
  • Continued participation: Técnicas Reunidas has actively and continuously participated in the CDP disclosure process, responding to requests for information in a timely manner and participating in activities related to disclosure and climate action.


This recognition demonstrates that TR meets the criteria and standards established by the CDP in its assessment process. To obtain this “A” rating in climate change from CDP, Técnicas Reunidas has shown a solid commitment to transparency, climate action and responsible management of its environmental impacts. It means disclosing complete and accurate data, setting ambitious sustainability goals, and taking concrete steps to reduce its environmental footprint.

CDP collects environmental data from thousands of companies around the world, including information on carbon emissions, climate change strategies, water use and deforestation risks. This data is made available to investors, policy makers and the general public to promote sustainable business practices and encourage action against climate change. The CDP’s mission is to encourage companies and governments to transparently disclose their environmental impact and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and other environmental risks.

Sherry Madera, CEO of CDP, stated: “Obtaining a position of “A”-grade goes beyond the score. It is an indication of high-quality, comprehensive data that provides companies with a holistic view of their environmental impact, serving as a benchmark for plans of transition and, crucially, allows them to accomplish their ambitions.”

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